"The first time I laid eyes on Joey Paulina Ryan he was doing backflips down the center aisle of a club in which we were both performing. A couple of years later, we embarked on a journey to get my extremely stubborn hair to cooperate, which entailed acrobatics that made the backflips look like child's play. My hair is a bitch. I inherited the undesirable family trait of silver streaks at the age of 14. When people stopped remarking upon how young I was to have silver in my hair, it was time to act. After years of coloring, my hair has become extremely resistant, takes to a formula one month, rejects it the next, turns orange now and then just to show who is boss. Joey has gotten it right. He patiently pulled out every trick in the book until he won, and my hair surrendered to something close to my natural shade of very dark brown, almost black. Then he continued the magic and lightened it up. Showed that bitch who's boss. The cuts are good, too, and we get to insult one another non-stop for an hour or two once a month, for extremely reasonable rates." -- Puma Perl


"Joey has been cutting my hair for more than 15 years.  Not only is he a great stylist who delivers perfection and customer satisfaction, but he's incredibly entertaining, too.  I'd recommend him to anyone." -- Matthew Milner


"Since I started going to Joey to get my hair done I have become completely dependent on him! As a natural born redhead it has been near impossible to find someone to dye my hair and make it look natural and multi dimensional at the same time. Joey has ended my days of hair anxiety because I know that every time I leave his salon I will have perfect hair! I don't even have to tell him what to do to my hair at this point, he just knows me. My hair is also so much healthier and stronger because of Joey. Not to mention the fact that Joey is an all around amazing person and my time spent with him a;ways leaves me in a better mood then when I arrived. Joey has been doing my hair for 2 and half years now and he will continue to until the end of time!"-- Juliet Fixel 


"Joey is an absolutely AMAZING hair stylist. I have been seeing him for over a year, based on a recommendation from a friend. He is great about working with my hair's texture and the way it falls naturally. He gives great suggestions about products and styling. I look forward to my visits with him, as they are always fun and energetic. He's a great presence and it's truly wonderful being around him." -- Elizabeth LaCorgne 


"Joey is a genius---an expert stylist and a creative thinker, all in one. He has a fantastic eye for color and shape, and it all comes naturally to him. He doesn’t miss a detail."
— Long-time Client


"I LOVE Joey!  I’ve been seeing Joey regularly for two years now and my hair has never looked better.  Since my first visit my hair has been healthier and has completely changed for the better.  His expert advice on products, styling and even how many times I should wash my hair a week have all been on point.  I’ve recently decided, with Joey’s encouragement, to stop covering my gray hair (my natural color is black) and go blonde.  Joey was patient and understanding throughout the process.  It’s not easy to make a drastic change but Joey explained how he could do it and helped me envision it…. and then we went for it.  He checked in with me after every step to make sure I was happy…..and if my husband was happy with my color as well.  Joey is a rare stylist who you can trust and will respect your opinion as well.  Last, but not least, Joey is a delight to spend time with and I enjoy every minute I spend with him chatting about life, love and everything in between." -- Kathy Diamant


"I, like so many people, am really picky about my hair.  I can't tell you how many times I've trusted someone and how many times they have disappointed me; but NOT JOEY!  Joey has been the best gift to my hair.  I have been able to achieve all of my hair goals and beyond! I have been, platinum, pink, golden blonde, red, pixied, a-symmetrical, bobbed; you name it!  No one has ever been able to do one thing for me, let alone all things and always exactly how I want them- EXCEPT for the hair god himself, Joey.  I am a believer, and now most of my friends and family are too.  It only takes one visit, and trust me, you'll be converted." -- Erica Guzman


"I started going to Joey when I first moved to the lower east side of NYC. I moved back to NJ 3 years ago and I couldn't even fathom finding another person to cut my hair. I make the 3 hour round trip every couple weeks because not only does make me laugh like crazy when he is cutting my hair, but also because he knows exactly how to cut and style your hair. I also get compliments almost every time I go out on how well its cut! Joey is the best!" - Matt Cronin  


"I met Joey through a referral after a string of bad blind dates with hair stylists. I was new to the city and also new to the habit of having someone help me with my hair.  A low maintenance gal by heart, Joey immediately knew how to take my hair from normal to striking without having me overwhelmed with appointments and constant touch ups.  Ive now been working with Joey for over 3 years.  Personally, I barely even say much when I come in to see him these days.  A few words and his mind is moving.  I have always had professional service, warm conversations and kisses out the door.  The color is always natural and I always match the season." -- Kate Bishop


"Once Joey does your hair, you won't want to go to anyone else. Ever. He does amazing cuts and color, and takes the time to educate his clients on what is best for their hair. Since going to Joey, my hair has never been healthier. Bonus: he'll keep you entertained and laughing the entire time you're in his chair." -- Lisa Jill Anderson  



"Joey is the best hair dresser I have ever gone to!! I am very particular with the cut and coloring of my hair and have loved every appointment I have had with him! Not only is he attentive to detail, but he understands how hair can be different and specific to each client. I am always excited when I can have my hair done and am always confident that the color and cut will grow beautifully until my next appointment. I no longer trust anyone else to touch my hair!" -- Kellie Spill


"Previous to meeting Joey, my haircut experiences were very typical. I would go to the barber around the corner, wait for 30 minutes and end up with the usual haircut.  After seeing Joey for the first time, I quickly realized  there is a lot more to the experience.  Joey is not only talented in styling hair but also is a great manager of his business. I never wait for other customers to be finish and he will often adjust his schedule to squeeze me in on late notice.  Even when I move out of the city, I plan on commuting in every month to see Joey." -- Matthew Herman


"I've been a customer of Joey for 10+ years now. I have followed him all over. He's amazing and at what he does and to me an artist. This past week, I went to him on Thursday for my color.  I told him I wanted something different. Gave him what I was looking for and no sooner I was received pictures of different color styles. I got to the salon and he shows me what he wants to do. I trust him implicitly. He was like Picasso whipping up three different colors. My hair turned out to be just what I wanted and than some. This past weekend, as always, people stopped me on the street to ask me where I get my hair colored, took pictures of my hair. I'm olive skin toned and 100% Italian, Joey gave me blonde highlights and even that looked amazing on me.  He's amazing and I would follow him to the end of the earth." -- Patricia Colorio